Thursday, July 23, 2009

Man Saved by an AED Reunites with Flight Crew and Doctor

Back in March Mike Upchurch boarded a plane to Colorado to see his son who had just returned from Iraq. 15 minutes into that flight he suffered a severe heart attack. Luckily for Mr. Upchurch the crew was trained in using an Automated External Diffibulator (AED). The flight crew, along with assistance from Dr. Mary Ann Bauman, quickly went into action and took steps that ultimately saved Mr. Upchurch's life.

Coincidentally Dr. Bauman serves on the American Heart Association Board of Directors. We are incredibly proud of the flight crew and Dr. Bauman for their training and professionalism during that medical emergency.

This past Monday Mr. Upchurch was reunited with the flight crew and Dr. Bauman. He was also suprised with a visit from his son who flew in from Colorado. This is truly an inspirational story and a great example of why we at the American Heart Association work so hard at what we do.

Below is a link to the news story from channel 5 in Oklahoma City.


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