Friday, October 9, 2009

Everyone has a story. What's yours?

It's not often that I find someone who doesn't know someone else who has been affected by heart disease or stroke. Almost everyone can name somebody who has died of a heart related illness, or whose life was forever changed due to a stroke. I hate that these disease have to be a part of our daily lives but I love to listen to the stories from survivors or family members. It's these stories that remind me why I get out of bed every morning and drive to work.

In preparation for the upcoming legislative session I want to hear what your story is. I can talk to lawmakers all day about the importance of reducing heart attacks in our state but its stories from constituents that help me push them over the edge and convince them to vote in our favor.

So, what's your story? I would love to hear it.

(You can send your story to Please remember that I may use this story when promoting legislation at the capitol.)



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